In order to ensure the best quality for customers, the laboratory continuously monitors and examines all of the company’s products

Raw materials are inspected upon arrival in storage and before use, and their inspection certificates are issued

Re-auditing the final product inspection periodically in the complete production warehouses first

Follow up on incoming and outgoing tests with the quality control laboratory

Providing product inspection certificates to beneficiary entities in coordination with the quality control laboratory departments

Preparing and modifying formulas for the company’s current products in coordination with the sales, planning and marketing departments

Developing current products and keeping pace with scientific development and the latest coating systems


The company conducts laboratory tests for dyes at all stages of production, starting from checking the quantities, types and weights of raw materials included in the level to conducting laboratory tests of the meal produced for each stage of production

 Also in the final stage, the product is examined for all stages of testing before the stage of filtering and packing the final product, and the metal cans are examined at all stages of their production

The laboratory contains all the necessary devices and equipment to conduct tests on the dyes after their arrival