- Modern Paints Industries Company was established in 1976.
Actual production began in 1980. - Modern Paints Industries Company - mixed industrial joint stock The public sector contribution rate is 60% & Private sector contribution rate is 40% The total area of the company’s site in Zafaraniyah is 60 dunams

The company`s main headquarters – Al-Zafaraniya – The industrial-Area

It has a factory and warehouse in the Abu Ghraib Industrial Zone. The company is registered with the Ministry of Industry and Minerals – General Directorate of Industrial Development. It is an industrial company specialized in producing all types of dyes, their accessories and raw materials

The main objective of establishing the Modern Paints Industries Company

Modern Paints Industries Company was established as a specialized industrial company to produce all types of modern specialized paints for all state civil, military, service, commercial, and residential complexes projects…. Etc., in addition to meeting the needs of private companies and citizens…etc

The company was assigned a major mission to provide all the needs of Iraqi state institutions for modern, specialized and complex coatings, and technical knowledge agreements were concluded with major international companies advanced in the coatings industry (English, Austrian, and German companies).

 In addition to the Modern Paints Company’s support for most of the local paint companies, and the company does not compete with them in the local markets through the marketing of decorative paints (water-based and oil-based).

The Modern Paints Industries Company is considered the academy that has helped most of the local paint manufacturing companies and the scientific bridge between advanced international companies, local industrial companies, and the Iraqi and Arab markets.

Technical know-how agreements with international companies
Based on the company’s vision to develop products to meet the needs of its valued customers and to keep pace with the latest developments in dye manufacturing technology in global markets, the company decided to conclude technical know-how agreements with international companies such as the English company AkzoNobel-ICI and the Austrian company Stolllack (currently DuPont..) for the production of dyes. Advanced industrial industries of all kinds, UNITED Marine Paints Company, and the German company SCS - HERBERTO
Also, a joint cooperation agreement was recently concluded with the Italian company Colmf, which specializes in the field of construction chemicals of all kinds, as well as DELTA, making this field one of the company’s effective activities, as the production of these materials has already begun to be ready to be launched in the Iraqi construction market, according to the latest findings. International specifications
The company continues to develop its products and enter into partnerships with international companies in the field of manufacturing decorative paints, industrial paints, protective coatings, modern construction chemicals, and other high-quality products
million liters annually of coating factory production
million cans annually produced by the can factory

(google map) The company`s location