Acrylic coatings system

Polyester putty (P-150-1040) : A paste used to cover pores and cracks on wooden surfaces to give a smooth and quick-drying surface

Acrylic base primer (F-1023) : A quick-drying primer wood paint with good leveling properties. The primer is applied after leveling and repairing the wooden surfaces with polyester putty 

Acrylic base finish (D-1189) : Fast- drying wood finish with excellent quality and coverage


Nitrocellulose + vinyl resin coating system

Sealer (G-1011) : A special formula that covers the pores of wood and is considered a good insulator for the surface of wood, protection it from moisture and helping to preserve its natural beauty

 Wood finish coat (D-1026) : A wood finish paint used to color different types of wood surfaces and has the ability to penetrate into the wood fibers to give the wood a stable and lasting color

 Clear nitrocellulose coat (D-3510) : A clear, quick-drying nitrocellulose coat that is applied to wooden surfaces to give a high gloss and high weather resistance