When we talk about hardness, protection and insulation, no material can be compared with polyurea because of its unique physical properties


High performance in cushioning and prevention, quick hardening and use

It has very high flexibility and resistance to chemicals, acids and bases, against bacterial growth, against shocks, scratches and abrasion, and has high hardness and adhesion strength . it can be applied to any high thickness. up to 5000 microns and more


The solid content is 100% and the volatile organic solvent content is 0% (VOC-free)

Very high resistance to all weather conditions and Ultraviolet (UV) and can be used in all extreme hot or cold weather temperatures


It can be used to protect all concrete, steel, aluminum, plastic, fiberglass, wood and brick surfaces .

It is used for painting basements and roofs of buildings, in manholes, tunnels, bridges, railways, pipelines, parking decks, tank linings, roofs, floors, marine vehicles, water treatment linings and truck 

Polyurea coating systems produced by MPI company

MPI DELTAPrime 2K 2D SF : MPI DELTA Primer 2K 2D SF Primer is a two component, solvent free, medium viscosity epoxy primer specifically designed for sealing and priming concrete substrates. MPI DELTA Primer 2K 2D SF is ideal for solidifying porous and weak concrete substrates and can be combined with quartz sand to make a fast curing hard patch repair material

MPI DELTAPrime 2K 2D : A two-component polyurethane paint with a solvent. Due to its very high adhesion property, it is used as a base on aluminum, galvanized iron, stainless steel, and non-ferrous surfaces. It can be used for walls and floors

MPI DELTSheild 300 : MPI DELTA Shield Standard 300 is a spray applied, instant curing flexible membrane formulated from 100% pure Polyurea technology, that can be built to any thickness in one application. Due to MPI DELTA Shield Standard 300`s unique chemistry it can be applied in virtually any environmental conditions. Very cold, very hot or even very humid environments will not negatively impact on the curing time or physical performance of MPI DELTA Shield Standard 300. MPI DELTA Shield Standard 300 provides a flexible, seamless, hard wearing substrate protection solution for a wide range of substrates. Its rapid spray application and instant curing characteristics enable shorter shut down times than traditional glue in place rubber membranes or fix in place jointed panel products

MPI DELTASheild HP 400 : DELTA Shield HP 400 is an instant curing, spray applied, seamless, and flexible protective membrane. DELTA Shield HP 400 sits at the top of DELTA`s high performance coatings range and is suitable for use in a wide range of demanding applications requiring abrasion, impact and chemical resistance. DELTA Shield HP 400 is an excellent primary and secondary containment membrane providing seamless, instant curing, flexible containment solutions that require a higher performance level than standard waterproofing membranes. DELTA Shield HP 400 is an ideal lining for abrasive liquid containment, industrial, chemical and impact applications

MPI DELTASheild HIP 500 : Polyurea coating is characterized by high hardness of the outer surface with flexibility (shock resistance). It cannot be broken, torn, or even removed easily. It has a high ability to withstand harsh weather conditions and is resistant to most chemicals

MPI DELTASheild HP 500 PW : Transparent polyurea paint with very high adhesion, maintains its flexibility in different temperatures, is resistant to chlorides, salt water, and sunlight, and is characterized by its long life and durability

MPI DELTASheild HP 1000 : Polyurea coating has high tensile strength, even at a high elongation level, does not require maintenance, and is resistant to most high-intensity chemicals. It is also characterized by sound reduction and thermal stability