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More than 45 years of experience in the field of coatings industry

The Modern Paints Industries Company was established in 1976. Actual production began in 1980. It is a mixed sector company with a ratio of 60 public sectors and 40 private sectors. The company specializes in manufacturing all types of decorative and industrial paints and preparing raw materials and their accessories

Headquarters in Baghdad / AL-Zafaraniyah / Industrial Area

Latest products

The company`s latest and most popular products

All epoxy coatings are available, in addition to the latest protection systems, with international quality and specifications

Polyurea coating is characterized by protection from water leakage, high resistance to corrosion, and is resistant to most shocks and mechanical influences

High-quality, high-density, oil-based paint that is fire-resistant and prevents it from spreading for a full hour

The Quality

The quality management system in the modern paints industries company is subject to ISO(International Organization for Standardization) conditions ISO 9001 ، ISO14001:2015 ،
ISO12944-1:2017 ، ISO45001:2018
All products and raw materials are subject to periodic monitoring by technical staff in the company`s laboratories for research, development and quality control

Environmentally friendly and weather-resistant coatings

Modern Paints Company applies the latest international conditions for sustainable energy through products that are cost-effective and save energy to reach green buildings during all stages of construction, starting with the design stage, through the construction and operation stage, all the way to the maintenance stage.

Research and development laboratory

Our company, through the Research and Development Department, is keen to keep up with and produce all modern paint types with the highest possible quality

Quality control laboratory

Follow up and examine all the company’s products in the laboratory and by specialized staff

The company guarantees its customers that their requirements are met and provides integrated solutions for the construction and maintenance sector

Product catalogue

Decorative coatings
roads coatings
Epoxy coatings and protections systems
Thermal coatings
Marine coatings
Automotive coatings
Polyurea coatings
Fire resistance coatings
Painting coatings
Wood coatings
Paint thinners
Repair putties

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